Effective Patient Engagement Requires New Skills

Patient engagement is the foundation of establishing a successful Therapeutic Alliance.  

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Empathy and the "new science of interpersonal emotional regulation are guiding us to better patient success.  

When patients are successful, we are successful, our business is successful, and all is right in the world.

In the clinic we serve our patients with a "healing experience" that includes all of the interactions associated with the clinic: front desk people, facility "energy", other patients, and without these interaction.

Properly connecting with your patient will create the foundation for a successful plan of care.   

How do YOU "connect" with your patients?


Resent research provides the foundation of a step-by-step process for optimal enagement.


Apply the skills of interpersonal emotional regulation with simple steps.


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Let the "science of connection" guide you.

Take the questions out of "the right way" to conduct patient visits by practicing and establishing a  deeper connection with your patients. 

You WILL see the results.

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Can you improve upon your patient outcomes?

Yes, by connecting with your patient is the right way, you create the emotional state for patient success.

Learning the elements of psychology of deeper connection is the first step in mastering the skills.

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Why is empathy such an important experience? 

  • How do the patient and provider connect?
  • Why is it important in executing a plan of care?
  • What are emotions and are they so important in the patient consultation?
  • What skills do you need to improve the ability to connect??
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Communication skills more than ever.

Brain science is revealing some of the most important elements of a successful patient engagement.  Optimal clinical outcomes will only happen when the patient is engaged and you can develop the tools to optimize the patients success.

An 8 Week Course

Ready for an in-depth understanding of the science of patient experience?  In this 8-week course, you will become psychologically informed by learning a basic working model of psychology. Upon this foundation you will begin to learn the skills necessary to better connect with your patients, get better outcomes and decrease burnout. 

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