Effective Telehealth Requires New Skills

Patient engagement is the foundation of establishing a successful Therapeutic Alliance.  Review the science and learn the essential skills to connect with patients for an effective telehealth encounter.

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Be with your patients at a time when they may need you most.

Physical distancing (social distancing) has created a significant barrier in the way treat our patients.  Patients who have relied upon us for expert guidance toward their goals are now struggling to get the care they need.

Telehealth is rapidly expanding as an option to connect therapists to their patients. Although there are many benefits to an E-Visit, it is not the same as an in-clinic visit. 

In the clinic we serve our patients with a "healing experience" that includes all of the interactions associated with the clinic: front desk people, facility "energy", other patients, and without these interaction, the E-Visit if more focused with more attention on communication.  Without knowing what is important to the patient and how best to communicate over video, there is a chance you will not connect in a way that creates a great outcome.   

How do you "connect" over Telehealth?


Resent research provides the foundation of a step-by-step process for optimal enagement.


Apply the skills to your next telehealth patient using an easy to follow template.


Easy to use learning platform allows convenient learning anywhere. 

Let the "science of connection" guide you.

Take the questions out of "the right way" to conduct an E-Visit by reviewing with the science says about what patients want and Don't Want.  When you know the research, you are more confident in your practice and you will see the results.  

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Can you establish a therapeutic alliance over telehealth?

For a successful outcome, You must!

At the core of a successful treatment outcome is the Therapeutic Alliance. This alliance is the foundation of Relationship-Centered CareTM.  Up to 60% of the treatment effect can be attributed to this alliance. If this alliance is not established, the chances your patient does not complete a plan of care increases.

The skills we use to engage patients in the clinic are similar but their application is much different in a telehealth experience.  The skills can be applied in a new way to ensure you establish a therapeutic alliance.

Don't miss the connection!

How you approach the E-visit will determine your success.

  • What is your approach?
  • How is it different than in the clinic?
  • How is it the same?
  • What does the patient need?
  • What are correct the steps?
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Communication skills more than ever.

Yes, they are also important in the clinic, but a successful E-Visit is first and foremost about successful communication.  During an E-Visit you don't have all of the social signals that let you make assumptions. You must use precision language to get the results you want. 

An easy 7 Step Process

What good is science unless you can apply it in a simple, clear and concise way?  This lecture will provide you both the science and application.  You also get a one-page handout that you can put right next to your computer when conducting your next E-Visit.


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  • Evidence-based
  • 7-Step process 
  • Handout to guide you
  • Updates about new content

Increase your confidence and provide exceptional value to your patients, online.

Even with years of experience treating patient in the clinic, many excellent clinicians are realizing that treating patients via telehealth is not the same.  It requires a new focus on communication and interpersonal skills that when used properly can achieve amazing results.

Effective telehealth engagement skills are essential for gaining and keeping the patient's trust and establishing a Therapeutic Alliance.  Applying these skills to the E-visit will increase self-efficacy and confidence which will make the visit more effective.

A quick and easy to learn 7-step process with a handout to hang on your computer monitor will guide you to better telehealth results.  

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